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  • Oral History in the Digital Age is hosted by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and contains a comprehensive set of links and information to introduce all aspects of oral history from planning to curation.  All resources are at no cost.
  • The Our Cities, Our Stories Project of the Liverpool Museum is an example of engaging with a local community to create content for a cultural heritage venue. In general, the Liverpool Museum has an impressive engagement with the public from the very creation of the museum, ongoing programming, and future direction.

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Third Place & The Participatory Museum

  • UM Museum Anthropology Course Blog details the collaborative project of the Hopi Nation and students at the University of Michigan as reported by Lisa Young and Susan Sekaquaptewa in Positioning Your Museum as a Critical Community Asset.
  • How to Run an Edit-a-thon reports the process to enhance and better assure the validity and reliability of the user-generated content on Wikipedia.  Museologist Ed Rodley posts here about that process.
  • Robert P. Connolly, “Co-creation as a Twenty-First Century Archaeology Museum Practice,Advances in Archaeological Practices 3(2015):188-197 is a review of a process of co-creation with a museum community.  The C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa is used as a case for discussing examples of engaging with high school and college students as well as avocational interest groups.
  • The Participatory Museum by Nina Simon combines a synthesis of the past decade of discussion on museums and community engagement along with an application in a  framework of contributory, collaborative, co-creative, and hosted experiences.

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