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positioning-museums-coverPositioning Your Museum As  Critical Community Asset: A Practical Guide is edited by Robert P. Connolly and Elizabeth A. Bollwerk is now available from Rowman & Littlefield Press. In this how-to guide, practitioners at cultural heritage venues share their experiences in how they built sustainable relationships with their geographic and demographic communities. The volume includes practical discussions of activities that museums can use to build relationships with their communities in the areas of education, advocacy, and co-creation, while serving as a community asset and resource. Case studies include direct application of successes and lessons learned with an emphasis on small to medium-sized institutions with limited staff and budgets.

Highlights include:

  • Thematic discussions on topics such as building an advocacy network between the museum and community; developing cultural heritage institutions as critical and essential components of educational systems; museum response to community expressed needs through a co-creative approach; the varied means for developing community members as cultural heritage stakeholders; and positioning the cultural heritage institution as an integral community asset.
  • Twenty case studies directly apply the thematic discussions in small to medium-sized museum contexts.
  • Extensive list of resources in an online Resource Guide that includes links to forms, workbooks, and guides produced in the case studies.
  • A list of national organizations and an extensive bibliography on community museum engagement.

Specifically addressed to smaller institutions with limited budgets and limited or no full-time staff, the volume includes cost-effective projects that can be completed for $1,500 or less

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