The Resource Guide

Below are links to the individual pages of The Resource Guide.  To the extent possible we have organized those pages by the topical sections of Positioning Your Museum as a Critical Community Asset:  A Practical Guide.  However, as might be expected, there is overlap in the individual topics.  The Resource Guide’s organization and content are based on:

  • First and foremost, we were quite selective on what to include.  We focus less on news articles that discuss resources and more on the actual tools and tutorials.  We do so to be certain the “how to” approach of this project remains front and center.
  • We organize each Resource Guide page into relevant subtopics.  The  last set of entries on each page is a “Kitchen Sink” of links that readers might find helpful to investigate a topic.
  • The inclusion of any link below should not be considered an endorsement over alternative brands or products.  Rather, the Resources included are those our contributors found helpful.  Is there an important link you believe we left out? Drop us a note and let us know.  We will continue to update the Resource Guide with your suggested links.







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